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Hmm, what to say. Life is intensely eventful lately. I like it because it passes the time, but I seriously am still seeking how and when I get to get the fuck out of hereeee. BAH

Miss Jessica is in town, haven't seen that bitch in two years, and though she's fer real a pain in my ass, I love her more than anything. We got matching tattoos, how cute. Having her makes me really miss Gina, and all the wonderous times we all had together. bah.

My vacation starts in 2days.... I am planning on spending a solid 7days up at camp. I have only missed one summer (last year) in all of my years alive going up there. so Yay for that.

I should be alseep right now, must wake up in 5 hours to watch Michael. Eep.

PS, I miss this kid in California.....a lot.