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So being a tad lazy today, I decided to reflect on life a little bit. I used to write in a blog, journal, whatever all the time. I haven't done it in 3 years. So as I reading back on all my antics from three years ago...I realized that I used to really enjoy having a way for people who I give a shit about to keep up with me, and more importantly to just get things out of my head without dumping them on a unsuspecting victim.

So, I figured I'd start another. I don't even care if no one ever reads it. But as I was pawing through all the old entries, I was reflecting on how much about me has changed, and how so very much has stayed just the same. I've grown up a bit, but I still think I'm awesome, I still love life, and I still hate the very same things.

In the past three years my life went from okay, to great, to amazing, to mediocre, to terrible and just about everything in between. I don't regret any of the past three years for a moment, it has all made me just who I am, but I am happy to say that I'm looking forward to better things.

I could spend some time catching up on what happened in the last three years, but honestly it's the past and not really worth it to me. My time with Nate had it's highs and it's lows and it most certainly did not turn out the way I had expected but it did all end up for the better. All in all it was a wonderful learning experience for the both of us. And I wouldn't change a thing about it.

I moved home two months ago, hardest decision I ever made and I never thought I would survive. Two months I feel like I'm thriving. I don't really have everything working in my favor, I am not even close to where I would rather be, but I haven't been this happy in a long time. I have the most amazing friends in the world. People who even thousands of miles away would do just about anything they could for me. I have family who supports me no matter what and loves me unconditionally whether they think I am an idiot or not. :)

As much as I love Portsmouth, I cannot wait to leave. I feel burnt out here. & I guess I just feel like there is much better things out there. So my life is an adventure. We shall see what happens next.....